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Hollow Hope


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Spent so many years of this life running from things I can’t hide Will it ever turn out alright? Will the sun rise soon enough on a day of satisfaction or will it just stay this dark? Is this working or is it enough? With everything broken and so much lost Tell me you’re trying, I’ll tell you too Even if we’re lying Too many years of fighting What’s too many years more Running from things I can’t hide Will the sun ever rise? Running from things I can’t hide Will it ever turn out alright?
Rain City 01:43
Thoughts keep running all around How can I stop this sound that keeps eating at my brain Destroying my hope and leaving me pain What I can’t do is live this life How can I find peace and quiet  What will I say to those who care I tried so hard I just can’t win  Ever again Pressure from within eats away at me I cant breathe without it making me  Want to scream out loud,disappear for days,and find another way to make myself afraid of losing all I have Someone please unchain me
Sleep 01:08
2:18 and I can’t sleep What the fuck is wrong with me Skin and bones, tongue in cheek  Emptiness between the sheets Just an honest night’s sleep For no one else but me A single moment of relief For no one else but me
Division Ave 03:12
All these laws put in place are lies to keep a line between those who challenge and the power to control every penny every dime every human life every opportunity to break out of this fucking cycle that keeps beating down those who don’t possess the identity you want in command What the fuck are we gonna do to end this discrimination How do we erase this redline and give true liberation Division selection separation Mass incarceration of all Jim Crow lives on in these systems.
See right through your excuses of those you idolize  Thought we were stronger than this thought we don't comply The good guys backed hard mentality  Who decides which ones to believe  Spew your lies up on the stage  reason and purpose and all things grey Compassion what does that mean?  How do you know?  Who decides what’s the truth  When everything has been smeared away  Who decides who will stay
Hollow Hope 02:36
Push me down to the ground Hold me there until I give in This hollow hope inside of me Wants it all to change But will it ever, will it ever go away I will never be free from all this pain What can I do to free my mind from this hate What can I do to kill the abuser inside my head Locked away for so long I can’t see Just a shadow of me Just a little black hole on a typical street And I breath away the shackles, chant away the restraints no more delusion, no more hate I live in this question each and every day What can I do to free my mind from this hate What can I do to kill the abuser inside my head Locked away for so long Just a shadow of me Never felt a sense of relief When I was finally free
Find ourselves thinking what could have been All these years have gone by in and out of our lives  These dreams keep coming each and every night  Waking up to these tears and this ache inside  Let’s go back   to a time free of pain young and careless  Those were the days  Why can’t it be easy to say goodbye  When will these thoughts be out of my fucking mind  This is our twilight Don’t want to say goodbye  The light is going dark  Don’t want to be blind  Let’s go back
Bastards 02:23
Hide the truth of what you have inside  Spent these years trying to deny the claims of those you held to the ground  Everything has been taken away  What will you do to repair the harm  Until we win or until we die, we will not give up from this fight  Hung from the wall, rope around my neck Are you scared of us now  Until we win or until we die  We will not give up
So let them know I choose my own way to burn For the ones with their back to the wall This one is for you For those who stand in the way of progress I have nothing for you but anger and resentment That’s all you need to carry out the burden you left for us I won’t let you bury me
The sky is pitch black without you shining there will I see your face or is it hidden forever Your craters hide the scars of a hardened life How can we live through the night without the moon I’m sorry I didn’t know what to do to make the pain go away for you Heartbreak came and went, lost in permanence. Love sick, left to rust. The debt in us, the blue and black in grey. Cheat death, up and left. The wake in consequence. Love sick, left to rust. The pull in us of tides you drag away. What I would give to see you shine one more night



released August 28, 2020

Recorded / Mastered by Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden East.
Art by Chris "YouthXEnergy" Mollett


all rights reserved



FAIM Denver, Colorado

Denver Political Hardcore.

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